Ball Tracking - 3

In this post we will talk about the physics of a ball hitting a cushion in pool and snooker. This is by far the most complex »

Ball Tracking - 2

The physics of billiard balls has been a source of academic interest for a long time and many books and papers have been written on the »

Ball Tracking - 1

This is a series of posts about my project to analyse the physics of pool and snooker balls using video data captured in the real world. »


An object that does not reflect light that is at a constant temperature emits a spectrum of light according to Planck's law. At different temperatures the »


Here we take our spectral colour picker and plot the colours using the CIE xyY colour space. How much of the space can you explore? What »


A colour picker with a difference. Drag over the bottom half to paint a spectrum. The colour we perceive from light with these wavelengths at these »


Here you can move and resize two different spectra to see how the colours interact. Dragging left and right moves the position of the spectrum, up »


Hello, I want to do some experiments in colour. The way we usually treat colour in computer graphics is as a linear combination of red, green »

Blue Noise

I'm back, and it's time for something very unsexy. Blue (or Poisson disc) noise is a 2-dimensional noise where every pair of points is at least »

Dynamic Voronoi Sphere

After making the voronoi sphere generator I wanted to show how nice meshes are created if the points are evenly distributed. One way of doing this »